A 1 day program designed by Dr Craig Liebenson as an UPDATE – Bridging the Gap between Rehab & Athletic Development. Please also take the full PS2AD Series.

Editor of Rehabilitation of the Spine (2006) & The Functional Training Handbook (2014)

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Past Team Chiropractor for L.A. Clippers.21stops-20151017-RED-Workshop-CraigLiebenson-0027-2

Past Consultant with NFL Champion, 430839_10151215791934077_185547510_nSeattle Seahawks & SoulCycle

Consultant: Equinox

Director: L.A. Sports & Spine



Thursday, Dec 3, 2015  (NYC)

Saturday, Dec 12, 2015 (Seattle)


9:00 AM-5:00 PM



NW Sports Rehab – office of Dr.’s Jim Kurtz & Ming Ming Su Brown

33400 13th Place S, Federal Way, WA  98003

Seattle Course Reviews

“Great seminar by Craig Liebenson this weekend in Seattle, Bridging the Gap Update. Love learning about “proximal stability for distal mobility”! Great seminar! Thanks Craig Liebenson for sharing your wealth of knowledge this weekend!” – Allie Dash
“Proximal stability for distal mobility. Always a great course with my mentor Craig Liebenson.” – Justin Dean
“More great paradigm shifts with Dr. Craig Liebenson” – Raymond Sue
“Thank you for an awesome class. Your enthusiasm for the profession and helping patients is contagious. I have a new perspective on the Chiropractic professional and I am really glad I was able to attend the seminar.” – Jamie Pumpian
“What a great experience and so nice to meet and see you in action Saturday. My lower ant/lat ribs and T/L junction were pretty sore (in a good way) Sunday. I definitely want to learn more and get better at taking people through the progressions and figuring out their weak links and strengths.” –  Cliff Marhoefer
“Craig, it was a really great program!!  I enjoyed it so much!  You did a good job in turning all of that material into a one day class.  I don’t know how you did it!”   – Ming Ming Su-Brown

NYC Course Reviews December, 2015

“Thank you for such an engaging, energetic, and influential course today. After the course I feel reinvigorated and ambitious to become a better clinician than I am today.” – Teymur Mirzoyev PT

“Thank you so much for coming to NYC.  Everyone really thought the seminar was amazing, especially me.  I love learning new ways and philosophies in treatment protocols.” – Don Wallace DC

“I wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal seminar. I have an enormous level of respect for what you do, and it’s also very clear that you have even more respect for those that came before you whom you have learned from; Lewit, Janda, Travell, McGill, et al.” – Jake Altman DC

“Thanks again for your seminar today. It was so awesome to see you passionately at work.”



  • Reactive training cues to coach like a “caveman”
  • Movement variability: avoid the trap of sport-specific or functional training gone bad
  • New 3 Block periodized core training fr Pr McGill
  • Sagittal, Frontal & Transverse plane training
  • Developmental sequence as movement prep
  • Default exercises, progressions & regressions
  • Precision care/training – How to individual the Rx – “it depends”
  • Assess, analyze, intervene, reassess – Dr. Lewit’s CAP


Pre-pay w/ Paypal

PS2AD Primer


To take advantage of the ISCRS/R2P discounts you MUST be a current member.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation must be made at least 7 days prior to the course. A $100 cancellation processing fee will be charged.

“Management is about human beings. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.”
― Peter F. DruckerThe Essential Drucker

“The goal is to repair altered CNS postural and respiratory programs & restore spinal stability. We emphasize the quality of movement and enhance the quality of the motor program controlling the movement.

Jiri Cumpelik, PT in Rehab of the Spine (2nd ed)

Recent Reviews

2016 – PS2AD-A (Core) – Toronto for RED

I really enjoyed learning  the functional rehab and have been implementing it in my practice. – Dr Kim Block
I want to  thank you for the fantastic seminar – you set the bar high! I learned so much and had a great time. – Clare Wells
Thank you for an immensely enjoyable weekend. It was a humbling and educational experience to learn from you. I’m honoured you’ve taken my work and evolved it into something I never would have imagined. – Benjamin Lee, MSc
I want to say a sincere thank you for truly an awesome weekend. Your passion, compassion and expertise is truly inspiring and empowering. You certainly walk the walk. You are a master. – Darcy Worthylake

I loved the seminar & I’m so ready to keep learning. Thank you so much – Mae Li

Thank you again for the great course over the weekend – was very eye opening and rewarding. A lot of great information was distributed – it was a wonderful learning experience. – Stacey Lenhard

It was a great seminar on the weekend Craig. A good refresher for things we know, great review to improve the patient communication, and a lot of new ideas, movements, tests and context for how to integrate them in a clinical setting. I found a few new threads to weave into my clinical acumen. Thanks! – Ken Mueller

 What a fantastic weekend of learning! – Justin Taylor
 “If I have seen further it’s because I’ve been able to stand on the shoulders of giants.” This isn’t just the Google Scholar tagline, it’s an eloquent quote from Sir Isaac Newton paying his respects to his predecessors. We all have the benefit of the generations before us giving graciously towards the body of evidence in an area of study. I am not sure there is any practitioner in the field of human movement that does a better job of paying homage to those who came before him, and those currently striving to push our body of knowledge forward, then Dr. Craig Liebenson. Whether it be Vlad Janda, Pavel Kolar, Karl Lewitt, Stuart McGill, Gray Cook, Greg Rose, Mike Boyle, Eric Cressy… Dr. Liebenson is lavish in his praise and precise in his acknowledgement of these giants. This weekend at his athletic development course I don’t believe 10 minutes elapsed where Craig didn’t bring up a practitioner to give credit to during any demonstration or workshop session. Of the many rehabilitation and movement courses I have taken over the years, I have noticed the speaker is often trying to convey an idea they feel is original to them, or a concept original to them, this is not the case with Dr. Liebenson. He recognizes the massive body of information and research which currently exists and attempts to deliver his knowledge of the topics in the most straightforward, pragmatic, and clinically applicable way. His mastery of these giant’s techniques are exceptionally well developed and it was an inspiring experience to have learnt from him. His exceptional dedication and penchant for precision knowledge transfer is truly inspiring – Brad Murray

PS2AD-B (Extremities) England – 2016

I would like to say thank you very much for a really inspiring weekend! This has been the best seminar I’ve attended. Very happy. – Erik Kaspersen

I’m contacting you from Croatia and had a great pleasure to attend your CPD seminar on AECC last weekend. First of all, I would like to thank you for super two day seminar. I have learned a lot and immediately started to implement some of the things in my clients training sessions. The response and results are super positive. – Tomislav Jurak

Great seminar – mind blowing! Applied on one of my patient immediately and he is loving it! – Christal Yu

from Human Motion program in Holland – 201510505564_1163497580342570_9203949827913950390_n
 I have been implementing your course daily. The impact of assessing, assessing and some more assessing has been huge and after treating the DN’s  David Copperfield-style, I’ve stumbled upon some rather befuddled faces. Thanks for the great course. – Jasper De Coninck
“I used the new learned stuff a lot this week with many positive results! Thanks again.  – Anton Ghys
“I would like to thank you again for bringing the system and for your enthusiasm. – Peter Pollet
“It was really a big pleasure to meet you, I have learned so many new things and you also opened my mind to a different point of view ! Yesterday at my clinic was great, at the beginning I was completely lost with my first patient as I did not know where to start from but then everything I saw with you came back in my mind and it was amazing how I approached the patients! Thanks again and I will see you in Rome. Dr. Christian Tonanzi
“Thanks again for the inspiring course!” – Marsha Westerhof
“Thank you very much for the great seminar! I loved every bit of it.” – Joyce de Swart
“This weekend you inspired me to learn more from Lewit and Janda, Jiri, & McGill.” – Bruno Verbeke
Beijing & Guangzhou, China

PS2AD- A (Core)  program in Seoul, S Korea – 2015 10983447_1168887783136883_2601744120799894782_o

“Truly amazing course! bridging the gap. rehap to performance. Work clinician+trainers together for the patients and athletes. Keen observation for painless dysfunctions. Strive for the progress, not perfection!! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledges. Fascinated by your enthusiasm, Dr. Craig Liebenson! we will look forward to see you soon!”- HeeYeon Jun – Seoul
“Many many thanks to you my dear professor, what you taught is absultely what I need” Edward Chiou, Taipei, Taiwan

Lewit course in Seattle

First off I’d like to thank you for your work.  I attended the Dr. Lewit Manual Therapy Course you taught in Seattle a few months ago and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Thank you so much for all that you have added to my practice and the chiropractic profession.


Stephen Dobelbower, DC, DACBN

Lewit course in Philly

“Amazing class with amazing people” Lino Pascuale
“I learned so much this weekend! I feel so grateful to be part of this group! Craig, Karel is smiling tonight!” – Maria Perri, DC
“I continue to learn and grow each time we meet to study.  Karel is smiling! Outstanding program by Craig Liebenson – Prague School to Athletic Development. Karel would be so very pleased with how your are continuing to share and teach his message of function!” Pam Wilson, DC
“Thanks so much for an awesome weekend of learning. Cannot wait for Monday to apply. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing learning community.” – Danielle Damelio
“Soooo much fun to work with this group. The depth of knowledge is a challenge to measure, it’s enormous.and wonderful to dip into.” Vincent Brunelle, DC
12116008_1525848917706812_3957018206277066479_n 12108292_10153189963306463_8189633756962211083_n 12107164_851055648343246_3464255146451658717_n 12088291_1525848837706820_71861902023410343_n
Equinox, T4 Training Program – NYC


PS2AD-A (Core) from RED program in Vancouver, BC – 2015
“We already incorporate quite a bit of rehab into our practice, but just spending that weekend with you  really helped us focus in on areas that we can strengthen and explore further to be the best practitioners possible. Thank you so much…absolutely loved it.” – Darcie Weglo, BSc, DC &  Mandy Downie, DC
 “Thank you for a mind-broadening program that set a fantastic foundation of core knowledge and training that I will utilize through my career. Thank you very much for your time, effort and dedication to your craft.” – Kimberly Talaber, Kinesiologist
“Great growth weekend on so many fronts. Loved the energy.” Brenda Lau, MD
“Highly recommend Dr. Craig Liebenson‘s seminar Craig Liebenson – Prague School to Athletic Development. Fantastic summary of the philosophies of the Prague School of Dr Karel Lewit & Pr Vladimir Janda as well as the incomparable research of Dr. Stu McGill, and bridging the gap to teaching these movement skills to patients. Very appreciative of Dr. Liebenson’s dedication to better practice.” – Paul Fleming
“Great course!” – Morris Senior
“I had the pleasure of learning from Dr Craig Liebenson this past weekend…great course.” Jason Shane, PT
“Rich learning experience with all the knowledge in that room, practitioners from all different areas, even pain physicians!” Jordan Smith
“Great stuff!!” – Peter Levidis
 “PS2AD in Vancouver was excellent……my patients have benefited tremendously! Thanks again! – Weston Hopkins
“Thank you very much for the great course this weekend!” – Jeff Kraus
“Topic was very practical and immediately applicable. Overall, very high quality seminar and I have already recommended RED to my officemates.” – Heather
“Craig and his infinite knowledge and his ability to share it!” – Robert
“Loved the balance of active and lecture components.” – Dixie
“Dr. Liebenson’s ability to integrate information from many different experts into a concise, practical and usable assessment and screening tool. He was an excellent speaker — humble and yet extremely knowledgeable. Look forward to seeing Dr. Liebenson again!!” – Pierre

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