Dr Lewit’s Manual Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System

10983447_1168887783136883_2601744120799894782_oThis course is based on what I learned from my mentor, the late Dr Karel Lewit, Czech Neurologist, Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation Expert. My study of his work began in 1984. Our 1st meeting was 1987 after which I hosted him & Pr Janda here in the U.S. as well as hosting week long programs in Prague attracting an international, multidisciplinary audience.




Wisdom of Dr Lewit


Bridging the Gap – Clinicians & Trainers working together in Client, Patient, Athlete Centered Approach – R2P


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Course Reviews:

“Amazing class with amazing people” Lino Pascuale
“Thanks so much for an awesome weekend of learning. Cannot wait for Monday to apply. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing learning community.” – Danielle Damelio

“I learned so much this weekend! I feel so grateful to be part of this group! Craig, Karel is smiling tonight!” – Maria Perri

“I continue to learn and grow each time we meet to study.  Karel is smiling! Outstanding program…

Karel would be so very pleased with how your are continuing to share and teach his message of function!” – Pamela Wilson

“Soooo much fun to work with this group. The depth of knowledge is a challenge to measure, it’s enormousand wonderful to dip into.” – Vincent Brunello


2015 – Seattle & Philadelphia

2016 – Oslo, Norway – January 22-24


for further info – contact Dr Thomas Lauvsnes <thomaslauvsnes@gmail.com>


Course will cover

  • Traction, Muscle Inhibition, Stretching & Facilitation Strategies
  • Lewit’s PIR (Post-isometric Relaxation) methods
  • Streamlining the rehab & training process
  • ProgrammingStrength & Conditioning  for Durability/Robustness
  • Live Case Management
  • Problem-Solving the Clinical Audit Process
  • The Patient Athlete Profile/Grid – Documenting the Process
  • 80/20 rule how we learn by failure
  • Anti-Fragility vs Robustness: The key differences

A unique feature of the is course is that trainers & Clinicians will work together as teams to learn how to blend Manual Therapy, Corrective Exercises & Strength Training into a Continuum for –

  • Injured or sedentary people for Recovery/Reactivation Stability Foundation
  • Power for Anti-Fragility/Performance

Course is “Hands-on” & Grand Rounds


U.S. Only Prices – for Oslo Program contact 

Dr Thomas Lauvsnes <thomaslauvsnes@gmail.com>


Early Bird will only be available to current R2P/ISCRS

  • student/trainer members/$325  &
  • clinical members $399
  • March 2nd for Seattle & August 1st for Philly

After Early Bird $425 & $549 respectively


U.S. Only Prices – for Oslo Program contact 

Dr Thomas Lauvsnes <thomaslauvsnes@gmail.com>

Dr Lewit Manual Therapy/Exercise

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation must be made at least 7 days prior to the course. A $100 cancellation processing fee will be charged.

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